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SIP Consultors

SIP is a consultant’s company specialized in the financial management of livestock companies.

Since 1999, SIP offers its vision and management system in order to help the swine sector improve their efficiency and competence.


SIP was founded in 1999 in an area with a long swine tradition (north of Barcelona).

A first version of the SIP Model was developed: a model based on an innovative and accurate methodology. It includes simple and powerful reports as well as a dynamic and continuous customer relationship.

The founders were a veterinarian and an industrial engineer who contributed to the project with their experiences in swine production and production costs management as well as a great enthusiasm to provide the industry with a new and useful service.


Currently, the SIP consulting team consists of 8 people, mostly engineers and veterinarians. All of them have a strong background in the SIP Model and a high level of motivation.

  • Pep Font: veterinarian. Co-founder of SIP.
  • Josep Bernaus: industrial engineer. Co-founder of SIP.
  • Judit Argerich: veterinarian.
  • Joan Rocadembosch: agronomist engineer.
  • Olga Miró: agronomist engineer.
  • Laia Cordón: graduated in animal health sciences.
  • Just Font: agronomist engineer.
  • Carme Roset: administration.


SIP is the reference in swine production costs in Spain.

Data published by SIP are usually used in technical symposiums.

  • Member of InterPIG group since 2006.
  • Public administration provider: regular financial reports for the regional government of Catalonia.
  • SIP conference: held every two years with a large participation of the sector.
  • Regular participation of SIP consultants at conferences and congresses both in Spain and internationally.
  • Collaboration with University: courses and workshops in different Spanish universities.
  • Significant presence in Italy and Portugal.


SIP was founded in Catalonia (Spain), one of the European areas with a highest density and livestock production.

The presence of SIP is especially relevant in Catalonia and Spain. However, we also have presence in other European countries (Italy and Portugal).

Our goal and commitment to the future is to expand our international presence, both inside and outside Europe.


The SIP database collects monthly information on production, expenses and consumption of our clients:

  • HOMOGENEOUS: Same data and criteria for all farms.
  • DETAILED: Data regarding the farm and the production stage.
  • RELIABLE: The data is filtered and checked on origin and destination.

It is a source of valuable information, used to develop the Benchmarking report and publish technical articles which are useful for the sector.


To reach many of our current customers, we have relied on external partners. Professionals with a good knowledge of the sector in a region or country.

With them, we have been able to reach customers that otherwise would have been much more difficult or even impossible.

We are always open to new collaborations that allow us to take our model to new areas or countries.

If interested do not hesitate to contact us.

Sistemes d'Informació per la Producció, S.L.
Prats de Lluçanès · Barcelona
C/ Serrat del Peric, 24
08513 Prats de Lluçanès, Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 850 82 42